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Hire a Wedding Photographer On Your Wedding Day Many say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it can give the story just as well as any other platforms, it is also said that it does a much better work to convey the feelings of the picture and the photographer rather than a wall of text, and I agree. Every special event and occasion that would happen in our life time is definitely worth preserving through the use of photos and videos. But there is a single most special event that would more than likely happen once in our lives is our own wedding ceremony. We really should think about preserving and keeping this special once in a lifetime event in a form of a picture in order for us to not only reminisce the moment in the future, but to also show them to our friends and new family members, most especially to our future kids and grandkids. There is so many ways that you can take a picture on your engagement or special day, you can ask one of your family member or friend to take them for you, you can also take them all on your own, or you can just hire a professional photographer to do it for you.
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Asking a friend or family member is indeed okay and all, but it can inconvenience your friend or family member and they may also take really bad photos in the process since they are not using a very good camera or they just simply do not know how to take photos.
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Doing it yourself is really out of place, since it is your special day, you may be able to take the photos yourself in your engagement party, but you need to focus more on your special day and enjoy it with your partner rather than taking all the pictures in the event. Employing a professional photographer is indeed the best choice out of the three, they may cost a ton of money to employ but at least you know that your once in a lifetime special day will be preserved in high quality pictures, since they will not only use their expertise and skills to take the best photos in the event but they will also bring and use the best equipment that they have. Hiring a professional photographer has its perks, one of them is that they are hard at work and they would start taking pictures the moment you start placing makeup and end until the event is finally done, afterwards they would edit all the photos that they took and only include the best shots on the wedding album that they will provide for you as well.

Far from DeKalb

My wife would never forgive me, but then, my wife would never know. How could she? She was half the globe apart from me, warm in our poorly-insulated Indiana farm house. Meanwhile, I was in Hong Kong, falling for her.   On the night of our first encounter, I was sore and jet-lagged from an over-booked flight from LAX. The concierge at the hotel, noticing how I was lifting my arms and shoulders, suggested a massage. Actually, he suggested more, but “massage” was the only word I could understand of his quickly-spoken Cantonese-English hybrid. He moved his eye brows excitedly as he spoke, but I thought it was a native gesture lost on me. A massage sounded perfect. I agreed.   Forty-five minutes later, she arrived, and speech left me. Hong Kong massage services, I immediately recognized, were different from what I was used to in DeKalb, where once a month I got an almost violent kneading at the gym from a woman who would have looked more at home making pizzas in a restaurant kitchen. My Hong Kong masseuse was sleek, lithe, with a piercing stare that was disarming. I immediately undressed.   To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought a massage was a massage: work the tension in my back, my neck, my head. This was tantric massage, more like my teenage fantasies. I was not expecting her to relax me so completely. However, in my dazed, jet-lagged, surprised state, I was unable to draw the line between what she was doing to me and what I was feeling for her, and I allowed my emotions to get carried away. When she left me, I immediately planned to call for her the next evening.   It went on this way for the rest of my week in Hong Kong. A tedious day of poorly-translated meetings, a lonely dinner in the hotel bar, and then a phone in to Outcall Massage Hong Kong. By the third night, the person answering knew who I wanted. Her. Always her, and only her. Each night, she gently knocked on the door. Each night, I was more charmed with her. Each night, she made me feel more incredible. Each night, she was so lovely, allowing me to think she might share some of my feelings. And then, each night, she smiled and quietly closed the door behind her as she left.   When I got back to DeKalb, it was late at night. My wife was in bed reading. I sat down on the bed and loosened my collar, exhausted from the travel and the secret I was now harboring. She put her book down, slid over to me, and began rubbing my shoulders. Normally, I would have relaxed into her pampering, but her actions now caused me to feel profound guilt. I would need to forget Hong Kong, and quickly. I removed her hands, smiled at her dryly, walked into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me.